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By Angie Brewer

This is a true story. How do I know? Because it is my story and it is my life. My name is Angela Brewer and I was born in 2010. That does not make me ten years old but it is the time when I started being myself. I was born in 1967 in a boy’s body. I struggled with my identity for many years, as my previous self Andy changed into Angie before my eyes. Now I am fifty-three years old and officially a woman. In 2010, I started on the pathway to gender reassignment which is a long process resulting in me starting my hormone therapy in 2016. I started writing a diary of my journey which I am turning into this book covering my life and a long journey to becoming my true self. I have been inundated with support from a society that I thought would turn its back. I want people to follow my journey to surgery and share it with me and I will hopefully answer a few questions along the way.
My previous life is important as it shaped me into the woman that I am today but the person who lived that life has gone. I am now Angie through and through. Imagine as you read this book sitting with me having a coffee whilst we chat and I’m telling you about my life.


Jade I'Anson-Milner

What is it like to live with a hidden disability? One that affects your life more than people know. You feel as though you’re the only person going through it. Let me tell you, you’re not. Living with Epilepsy has changed my life and not for the better. Am I alone? No..and neither are you. This book is not my life with epilepsy, but just a few things I’ve noticed along the way.