Between The Two

What happens when you fall in love, just live happily ever after? Sometimes, it's just not that easy. David watches 'The Bird-Lady' feeding the seagulls. It is love at first sight, only when he goes looking for her she has gone. The next night, he meets Molly but even then his thoughts are still firmly focused on 'The Bird-Lady.' After a chance encounter with Louise, aka 'The Bird-Lady,' he invites her to share a romantic weekend away in the Lake District where they both experience deep feelings for each other; the problem is, neither of them tells the other. At the end of the weekend, he returns to Molly ready to build a future whilst Louise returns to her husband and a crumbling marriage. Two years later they meet again. The old feelings are still there and this time they take the opportunity to tell each other how they feel. Torn between the two, David has a choice, but as he leaves with Molly, his heart breaks and he watches Louise walk the other way. Will he ever see her again?