About Andrew Milner


About Me

  I lived in Pudsey, Leeds UK before moving to East Yorkshire in 2007 where I now live with my wife Jade. During my youth, I played in a number of rock bands playing guitar and singing vocals and I also wrote songs. Due to having small children I was finding it hard to devote the time so I called it a day.

One night as I was sat at the computer I started writing a story. I had always enjoyed English at school and loved writing stories. I had no idea what the story would be about at the time but just kept writing and soon a few lines turned into a story. This was the birth of my love of writing.


The writing journey


I wrote my first book "A FAR REACHING DREAM" which is a paranormal romance in about the year 2000 but forgot about it and left it in a drawer. When I moved to Bridlington, I was sorting through a few drawers and I found it. It was published by Lodge Books in January 2013. 

The second book which is a sequel to A FAR REACHING DREAM is called 'THE HIDDEN PATH HOME' and my third book is called ' CARD SCHOOL'. 

My fourth book NOTE TO SELF is now available. This is a completely different genre to the other three and is more of a women’s Contemporary fiction.


All of my books are available in paperback and E-Book formats. 

 I am currently working on more books, news of which will appear on my website at a later date.


Charity Trustee


I combine my writing with working full time. 

I am also a trustee of a Charity which was started by my wife Jade. This Charity is called Purple Owl and raises awareness of epilepsy as well as providing training, help and advice for both people who live with the condition and the families of those who live with it. 

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